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  1. Dr. Cupples,
    I have enjoyed all of your PRI posts. I use it as a valuable resource. I am new to PRI, but have seen some benefit using what little I know with my clients. What are your thoughts on the home study courses. I am not sure my schedule would allow me to get away for the first 3 courses? Does the home study cover the same material as the seminars? I saw your treatment pyramid, have you seen the best benefits from the PRI techniques you have implemented.
    Thanks in advance,
    Jonathan Burke

    1. If you can’t get to a live course the home studies are a great option. It will cover the same material.

      PRI has far surpassed any other methodology. It is my foundation and the lens in which I view rehab and training.

      Thank you for your readership and the kind words, Jonathan.



  2. Zac, I refer to your course notes often. I have found them very helpful in organizing the material in my head. Have you taken the PRI affiliate course PRI Intergration for Fitness and Movement and if so, when will you share your course notes?
    P.S. When will your services be available again?

  3. Hi my name is Daniel I was wondering if you do Skype app or email . I have been seeing a chiropractor who has done some PRI stuff not sure how much , I have improved a small amount but still in pain .
    Hope you can help all the best Daniel

  4. Dr. Cupples,
    I have enjoyed all of your PRI posts.

    can you please explain the steps for
    Hooklying Right Rectus Femoris and Sartorius

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