Starting from the Bottom (Now We Here): When General Physical Preparation Matters

Professional Nihilism? After wiping the tears and coming to the stark realization of our (ir)relevance in performance, we must ask where do we fit in? Do we matter? I've asked myself this question many times. It is hard to answer when tactical over-utilization begets repetitive stress injuries; a poor night’s sleep, Slurpies, and donuts make... Continue Reading →


Start at the End: A Case for Special Physical Preparedness

“I need to get my wind back.” Every time I heard this I cringed. I did all the right stuff returning guys back to sport. I’m talking getting guys more neutral than Ron Hruska on a tropical island, FMS scores that Gray Cook would be ‘mirin', hop tests that Kevin Wilk would foam at the... Continue Reading →

How to Approach Learning

It’s Been Awhile Hasn’t it? Bonus points if you said the heading to yourself in tune of that song by Staind.I was in a place where I couldn’t get much writing done. I got out of the groove, out of taking one too many con ed courses. It's times like this where you have to... Continue Reading →

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