Course Notes: Cantrell’s Impingement and Instability, 2015 Edition

Third Time’s a Charm  A trip home and hearing Mike Cantrell preach the good PRI word? I was sold. Impingement and Instability is one of those courses that I could take yearly and still get so many gems. In fact, I probably will end up taking it yearly—it’s that good. I took I&I last year... Continue Reading →


Course Notes: Explaining Pain Lorimer Moseley-Style

Why Weren’t you Here??!?!?!?!?! A late addition to the yearly course list, but a decision I will never regret.   Lorimer Moseley is one of my heroes in the pain science realm and I've always wanted to hear him speak. His teaching style—slow paced, humorous, filled with story, and unforgettable—really resonated with me and made... Continue Reading →

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