Chapter 1: What are Breathing Pattern Disorders?

This is a chapter 1 summary of "Recognizing and Treating Breathing Disorders" by Leon Chaitow. It's Been A While I know it has been a while for some Therapy Notes (©™®#zacistheshizzy), but I decided to revisit some Chaitow as I read his new edition. The chapters have changed quite a bit so far, and many... Continue Reading →


Course Notes: PRI Pelvis Restoration

Just recently attended another excellent PRI course taught by Lori Thomsen and new instructor Jesse Ham called Pelvis Restoration. The weekend was filled with great discussion about inlets, outlets, shoes, and many other pearls that helped solidify my PRI understanding. So without further ado, let’s summarize. If this is your first reading on a PRI... Continue Reading →

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