Lessons from a Student: The Brain

Oh It's On Believe it or not, I currently have someone interning with me for the next 12 weeks which is has led me to thinking about many things: 1)      People trust me with the youth of America? 2)      I have to justify what I am doing now? 3)      I hope I can teach her... Continue Reading →


Explain Pain Section 6: Management Essentials

This is a summary of section 6 of "Explain Pain" by David Butler and Lorimer Moseley. Management 101 The most important thing you can understand is that no one has the answer for all pains. Pain is entirely individualistic, hence requiring different answers. There are several strategies which one can undertake to triumph over pain.... Continue Reading →

Course Notes: The Elite Speed Seminar

I just finished up the Elite Speed Seminar at what has become my home away from home, Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training. The presenters were Lee Taft and Nick Winkelman, and I learned a great deal in an area that I am weak in. Here are the notes and quotes. Multi-Directional Speed Tools That Make... Continue Reading →

Explain Pain Section 5: Modern Management Models

This is a summary of section 5 of "Explain Pain" by David Butler and Lorimer Moseley. So Many Clinicians There are several people who would like to help someone in pain, with each person offering a different explanation and solution for someone’s pain. Research has shown these conflicting explanations can often make things worse. The... Continue Reading →

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