The Sensitive Nervous System Chapter XIII: Research and Neurodynamics: Is Neurodynamics Worthy of Scientific Merit?

This is a summary of Chapter XIII of "The Sensitive Nervous System" by David Butler. Intro Research has demonstrated that often evidenced-based medicine is low on the list for why clinicians choose a particular treatment. From an ethical standpoint, it is important to consider evidence. This chapter is very short so I will just provide... Continue Reading →


The Sensitive Nervous System Chapter XII: Upper Limb Neurodynamic Tests

This is a summary of Chapter XII of "The Sensitive Nervous System" by David Butler. Intro Today we will take a look at assessing upper limb neurodynamic tests (ULNT). These assessments used to be called tension tests, but that terminology is now a defunct mechanical description. We now describe these as neurodynamic tests to better appreciate... Continue Reading →

Course Notes: Graded Motor Imagery

I recently attended another great course through the NOI Group called “Graded Motor Imagery” (GMI) taught by Bob Johnson. These guys are the industry leaders in all things pain so please check them out. It was great connecting with Bob and learning what I think will be an excellent adjunct to what I am currently... Continue Reading →

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